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Bao Tin Co., Ltd.

Công ty Bảo Tín


Main activities:

  • Consulting, designing, building and repairing nautical vessels, platforms and water transportation systems
  • Manufacturing original and accessory maritime equipment
  • Producing, merchandizing and providing feeds and dietary ingredients for aquatic and other animals.


ESPECIALLY: Bao Tin consents to design and build waterway means of transport for all domestic and foreign customers by installment without pledge following bank interest rate in a long period of time.

Bao Tin is always interest in seeking and employing talented and qualified candidates, develops technical specialists, applies advanced scientific standards, uses highest industrially approved equipment and raw materials to guarantee superior products for domestic and international.


“Satisfying customers by improving product quality” is the Bao Tin’s top aim


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Contact Us

Headquarters: 426B Binh Quoi St., Ward 28, Binh Thanh Dist., Ho Chi Minh City

Phone: (+84) 8 3556 6087
Fax: (+84) 8 3556 6001